Put your drone to work!

Start using your drone as a business tool not just a toy. Just like robotics has changed manufacturing, drones can change how businesses operate, improving safety and completing tasks that would otherwise be very difficult.   They can be used for photography, equipment and building inspections, agriculture and public safety.  Learn how you can leverage this technology and solve real world problems while creating an income for yourself.

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Many drone blog sites and their content were written before the newest FAA rules that now allow for profit use of drones with the correct certification. Yes, you can use your drone for profit as long as you follow the rules.   There are even some indoors only business uses that are not regulated by the FAA so you have fewer limitations on usage.

Drone business ideas


  • drone photography (weddings, events, sell video and images as stock photos)
  • marketing promotional videos (hotels, golf courses, resorts, theme parks, event centers, landscaping, fencing, barns, home builders)
  • journalism (contracts with local news providers or freelance journalists)
  • drone film making
  • real estate (aerial photography, videography, promotional videos)
  • ranchers (find feral hogs, locate missing livestock, check fence lines, herd animals, map and monitor grass in fields, check stock tank levels, map invasive plants, count livestock)
  • farmers (thermal imaging of wet and dry soil, check crops without disrupting fields, small crop overhead pesticide spraying under 55lbs)
  • drone delivery (this might be hard with current FAA regulations that limit that you must be able to see the drone)


  • building and home inspectors (thermal imaging, roof, insulation quality)
  • insurance adjusters (roof inspections, storm damage)
  • utility providers (water tower inspections, power line inspections, wind turbine inspections, remove trash from power lines via fire shooting drone(ha ha, no really)

    Drone clears trash from powerlines
    Drone clears trash from powerlines
  • pipeline inspections(leak detection)
  • safety managers (improve teammate safety with drones)
  • surveyors (mapping applications, geo tagged imaging)
  • equipment / industrial managers (thermal imaging / inspection of hard to reach equipment)
  • construction project managers (tracking projects, mapping, marketing)
  • professional sports teams (filming practices, half time shows)

Local government

  • law enforcement (finding suspects on the run, keeping officers safe with active shooter or terrorist, monitoring traffic, dropping pepper spray or flash bangs remotely)
  • fire rescue (using thermal imaging cameras to find hot spots, search for survivors or missing persons, aerial management of incident)
  • city planners (GIS)
  • disaster (storm damage, floods, help locate survivors in dangerous locations)
  • transportation departments (bridge inspections)
  • environmental investigations
  • water resources  (monitor dams and spillways)
  • swat (deploy a mini drone swarm into a room to locate and disable active shooters or terrorist)
  • ambulance service – in remote areas send a “Defibrillator Drone” to heart attack victims, or medical supplies


  • Do you own a hobby shop? Add drones to your business (drone sales, repairs, parts, services).
  • Start a local drone training school.
  • Start a public awareness campaign to improve the public’s opinion.

Indoor Use (not regulated by the FAA)

  • Warehouse (check inventory or products, RFID inventory count, building maintenance)
  • real estate (indoor aerial photography, videography, promotional videos)
  • equipment safety inspections
  • silo inspections
  • laser tag / drone shooter room. Walk around shooting drones out of the air, 1981 Galaga style.
  • drone cafe (drones take your order and delivery your food and drinks, hey dronekeep bring me another beer)
    (Prop guards should always be used to avoid damage indoors.)

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 *FAA rules state that you can not fly over people, so your photography or use can not violate this or other FAA rules.  Read more here.