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Aeroworks Academy

Aeroworks offers specialized training in unmanned aerial vehicles for Law Enforcement, Fire Rescue, SAR, Aerial Mapping/Surveying and Video production. For those interested in a self paced instruction, enroll in our online Aeroworks Academy. We also offer phone consultation.

Contact us today to see how we can provide you with a custom training program to meet your departments needs. We also work closely with the FAA and departments to acquire the neccessary paperwork needed to obtain a Public COA or Certificate of Authorization under the new FAA guidelines.

Aeroworks Law Enforcement Services Include-
Department UAS Programs
Search and Rescue
Investigative Assistance
FLIR Equipped Aircraft
UAV/sUAS Instruction

Astro Aerial photography
4409 Hoffner Ave orlando Fl
FAA Remote Pilot part 107
Astro Aerial Photography provides Spectacular Magazine Worthy, High Quality, affordable aerial photography pricing for Marketing professionals, Commercial clients, Property owners, and Publications. Precision Aerial mapping for the construction and engineering industry

Astro Aerial Photography provides Spectacular Magazine Worthy, High Quality, affordable aerial photography pricing for Marketing professionals, Commercial clients, Property owners, and Publications. Serving the entire State of Florida, and beyond.

We fly Drones(UAV) and fixed wing Aircraft to give you coverage from 1 foot – 15,000 feet altitude . We are fully compliant with all FAA regulations and Licensed and Certified Part 107 operator.

Dow GeoSpatial
P.O Box 714
drone mapping, drone deploy reseller, assist with pilot client needs

processing of drone aerial imagery into orthomosaics, digital elevation models, contours, shapefiles for flight planning, volumetrics, and a drone deploy reseller , aerial maps for print for clients and more..

Dow GeoSpatial
Brimley Rd. and Eglinton Ave. E.
Toronto, ON
M1J 1L4

Enaeria Inc. is fully certified and licensed with Transport Canada to operate UAVs (drones) across all locations in Ontario! They employ modern technology to complete land surveys and inspections.

Hovershotz Aerial Photography Video & Inspections
172 Windermere Road, Kendal, Cumbria, LA9 5EZ, United Kingdom
Hovershotz are the leading aerial drone operator in Cumbria United Kingdom.

Hovershotz the leading & most experienced aerial drone photography company based in Cumbria within the English Lake District. Established in 2014, we specialise in aerial drone filming (stills photography & video) and surveys, utilising the latest state of the art professional unmanned aerial platforms (drones). We operate across the North of England (Cumbria, Lancashire, Yorkshire, County Durham) and South West Scotland. We are the only aerial drone operator in Cumbria with CAA permission for night flying and operation.

Our pilots are fully BNUC-S qualified and are also trained camera operators. We hold CAA permission for aerial work (PFCO) and hold the required insurance.

Our specialities
Hovershotz probably the best experienced aerial filming and video operator in the English Lake District. We are particularly at home working with film crews, TV companies, news channels, and advertising agencies.

We know the Lake District intimately and our equipment is suited to filming in the challenging environment. We are quite happy to carry the drones and associated equipment in tailored backpacks and hike across the Lake District terrain with the film crew to capture the perfect shots. Being based in the Lake District, gives us the advantage of being able to liaise easily with both The National Trust and The National Park Authority to gain the necessary permissions to film on their land.

Unlike many drone operators, Hovershotz are experienced and comfortable in operating and filming over water. We also specialise in aerial photography and aerial surveys, across Cumbria, the Lake District and beyond.
We also carry the necessary insurance cover.

Hovershotz are the only aerial drone operator in Cumbria with permission for night flying and thus able to operate, film and photograph after dark – ideal for night events or party’s or live news broadcasting.

• Aerial drone photography & photographer in Cumbria & the Lake District
• Aerial drone video & filming in Cumbria & the Lake District
• Aerial drone inspections and surveys in Cumbria & the Lake District
• Infrared thermal surveys in Cumbria & the Lake District
• Pix4D 3d aerial drone mapping & photogrammetry in Cumbria & the Lake District

Hovershotz the professional aerial drone imaging & video experts in the lake district Cumbria – full CAA PFCO licence and fully insured. Rest assured, your project is safe in our hands.

Hovershotz the best aerial drone photography operator in Cumbria and the Lake District.


Booking service for hiring drone operators. Buy and Sell Stock photos and video.


The Future of Healthcare is Out for Delivery

More than two billion people lack adequate access to essential medical products, often due to challenging terrain and gaps in infrastructure. Because of this, over 2.9 million children under age five die every year. And up to 150,000 pregnancy-related deaths could be avoided each year if mothers had reliable access to safe blood.

Zip is a small robot airplane designed for a high level of safety, using many of the same approaches as commercial airliners. It can carry vaccines, medicine, or blood. A fleet of Zips is able to provide for a population of millions. No roads, no problem.

A health worker can place an order by text message. Within minutes, a Zip is prepared and launched into the sky. Racing along at 100 km/h, Zip arrives faster than any other mode of transport, no pilot required. The medical products are then dropped off, landing gently and accurately at the health facility in an open area the size of a few parking spaces.

One delivery, one life saved. It’s that simple.