What are the characteristics of stable air?

A) Good visibility and steady precipitation.
B) Poor visibility and steady precipitation.
C) Poor visibility and intermittent precipitation

According to 14 CFR part 48, when would a small UA owner not be permitted to register it?

A) If the owner is less than 13 years of age.
B) All persons must register their small UA.
C) If the owner does not have a valid United States driver`s license.

According to 14 CFR part 107, who is responsible for determining the performance of a small unmanned aircraft?

A) Remote pilot-in-command.
B) Manufacturer.
C) Owner or operator.

The most comprehensive information on a given airport is provided by

A) the Chart Supplements U.S. (formerly Airport Facility Directory).
B) Notices to Airmen (NOTAMS).
C) Terminal Area Chart (TAC).

Under what condition should the operator of a small UA establish scheduled maintenance protocol?

A) When the manufacturer does not provide a maintenance schedule.
B) UAS does not need a required maintenance schedule.
C) When the FAA requires you to, following an accident.