Real Estate Drone Services

Real estate drone services

Real estate drone services are a great business opportunity that can create extra income.  I live in a town with many ranch communities and larger properties with barns, cattle and stock tanks.   I was able to partner with local realtors to offer my drone and expertise flying to get aerial footage of ranch homes, acreage and features of the homes that could never be seen while on the ground.   If you are interested in starting your own real estate drone service here a few tips to help get you started.

Drones for Real Estate
Drones for Real Estate

Getting started

  • Use our guide to starting a new drone business.
  • See our picking a drone for business use guide.
  • Practice first!   Make sure you know how to provide a quality end product before taking clients.  Use your family and friends to practice on until you’re ready.  I did my first 3 homes with my realtor for free to build confidence in myself and so that the realtor wouldn’t have wasted any money if my work didn’t turn out as expected. 
  • Check the weather and pick a good day – this benefits all parties!
  • Have the homeowner’s permission (via the realtor) and be sure that everyone is aware of the date and time that you will be there.  The homeowner might even tell their neighbors to avoid suspicion or uncertainty.
  • Try to stay above the property you are filming, this is much easier on large estates or ranches.
  • Make sure your batteries are charged and that you have extras.
  • Clean your camera lens.
  • Follow the FAA rules, this is critically important!  If you are making money with your drone it is no longer a hobby and you must be certified.  Find more details here.

It is easier to work with a larger local company with many agents, instead of a solo realtor as they are less likely to pay a reasonable rate.   You can also solicit homeowners directly with a letter about your services including references.   

The most common marketing method is having video incorporated with still pictures and contact information for the realtor and shared via social media.  Here is an example (see source on youtube) to give you some ideas. For real estate professionals – a polished drone video production can replace 3d virtual tours.

Indoor Drone Use

How you use your drone indoors might be different, but the images – especially in a large home – can be amazing.  If you only plan on using your drone indoors there are no FAA regulations so you will have fewer limitations on usage.  Just remember, as soon as you step outside you must follow the FAA rules.

Next Steps – See our guide to starting your new drone business with example expenses and profit.


Check our resources page for more helpful links and products.


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