Safety Managers use drones

Drones improve workplace safety

If it is your job to improve workplace safety drones may be another tool you can use to prevent accidents.   I have had some first hand experience with accidents in the work place.  A co-worker was asked to see if the roof was leaking on a segment of our large warehouse.  This area of our warehouse had leaked prior and was in a difficult to see area that required going up on a ladder and walking on top of a room.  The employee fell though the wet roof and was injured.  A drone could have been used for this simple task, but did not exist at the time.  Think of all the ways you could reduce risk and keep you teammates safe by letting a drone do the hazardous work.

  • Inspections are a big part of any business and the larger the equipment and facilities the more likely an accident will occur.   Use your drone to shoot 4k HD video with thermal imaging and review the footage in a safer location.  Save the data for audits and screen captures for reporting and keep the teammates out of harms way.
  • Falling from an elevated area such as roofs or ladders is a leading cause for injury in the workplace.  Consider if a drone can be used instead.
  • As a safety manager use your drone in your accident investigations.
Drones for Safety
Drones for Safety

Safety drones

Safety drones should be small and compact enough to be easily deployed for jobs that would require a ladder or lift to be used or where the air is not safe to breathe.

Compact Drone for Safety
Compact Drone (DJI Mavic Pro)

Equip your safety drone with more than just a visual camera there are sensors and attachments too. You might use an thermal imaging camera to find fire hazards or overheating equipment.   Look for maintenance issues on buildings and structures.

Choose a higher end smart drone with the ability to avoid obstacles automatically, as well as take off and hover automatically.  Flying these drones can be as easy as tapping on the screen.  They can even “return home” with the push of a button.


Start a drone safety program

Drones can prevent workplace accidents, but first you need to get certified by the FAA for business use.   If you only use your drone indoors your not required to be certified or to register your drone because the FAA does not regulate indoor use.   If you intend to use your drone outside you will have to follow the FAA rules. There are hefty fines if you are caught outdoors, even on your own property.

Next Step, see our guide to starting a drone business, even if your adding drones to an existing business there are helpful tips to get you going.

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