Get started earning income with your drone

Starting your drone business is not free but that does not mean you have to take out a 2nd mortgage on your home to start one.  Including in the guide below are some of the basic costs to expect to get going.  

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  1. Develop a drone business plan, it does not have to be formal but it’s a good process to make you think it through before spending any money.  Who are your drone services customers, what is the competition like, how are you going to market to those customers, etc.
  2. Get FAA certified and work those rules into your business plan.  *Costs $170 (knowledge test $150, FAA Certificate $5, Study Guide $15)
  3. Purchase your equipment (drone, sensors, carrying bags, etc).  What you need depends on the services you are providing, if you filming a 4000 acre ranch extra batteries and extra memory cards are a must.  Your drone is your primary business tool and cheap drones can be difficult to fly and less reliable, make sure you get a higher quality unit.  *Cost $1,400 (DJI Mavic Pro Bundle)
  4. Buy insurance, to be considered a reliable business you need liability insurance to protect yourself and those you are working for.  You may also want to insure your drone, its a valuable asset.  It’s not as bad its it might sound, add it to your business plan and build the cost into your pricing.  *Cost $66 month
  5. Build a portfolio and practice.  Master your drone skills and create samples that you can present to your clients.  Don’t charge your first customers, it’s a good thank you for taking a chance with you. Ask instead if they can be a reference for you and they share your work with others.   This is also the best way to build a portfolio and get more business.
  6. Marketing your drone service with a website and social media.  Start a website, we recommend building it yourself,  is not as difficult as you think.  You don’t need to know how to program or be a graphic designer and that can be a big savings when your first starting out.   See our guide(coming soon) to building a simple site that will publish to social media and gain you new customers via google search.   *Cost $50 year
  7. Set goals, it sounds basic but so many people don’t have a plan and don’t set and monitor their goals.  It should be part of your business plan and it will help you succeed.
  8. Join our directory of drone businesses, here.

Although I’m not a fan of credit cards or being in debit, offers promotions at times allowing store card financing up to 12 months on large purchases with no interest.

Total Start up Costs ($1570)

Total On going Expense ($70 per month)

As an example lets say your able to make $200 a week (one hour of billed time) that would be $10,400 per year or

$7,990 in profit your first year


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*Disclaimer:  This article is intended to be a general resource only and is not intended to be nor does it constitute legal or financial advice.  All of the costs given are estimates only based on costs at the time of this writing. Any recommendations are based on personal opinion only.