Using a drone for business? You could get fined by the FAA!

Don’t Get Fined Get FAA Certified

Did you know if you are using a drone for non hobby use that your required to be certified by the FAA.   Many businesses are in violation, because they don’t know or just don’t think they will be caught.  Are you a professional photographer or real estate agent or any other business using a drone to further your business, your pilots are required to be certified. Fines could be up to $11,000 per violation.   Here are two sites you should check out FAA,

Don't Get Fined Get FAA Certified

Why is this important

  • Public safety
  • Prevent incidents with other aircraft by understand restricted air space.
  • Improve the public perception of drones with proper regulated use.
  • Slows the rate of business use to allow for the technology and industry to fully mature.


What is commercial or business use:

  • Non Hobby, Non Recreational
  • Selling photos or videos taken from a drone
  • Using your drone to provide contract services, such as inspections
  • provide professional services such as security or telecommunications
  • Using your drone to monitor the progress of work your company is performing, such as a construction site

A Few Examples

  • Use for Real estate listings
  • Wedding photography
  • Cinema photography for a film or television
  • Mapping or land surveys
  • Inspections

These are the steps to get a drone pilot license

  • be at least 16 years old
  • have a valid government-issued picture ID
  • study for the part 107 test (books, online classes, etc)
  • take the knowledge test at a test center
    • pay $150 for the test
    • pass the test (60 questions – must make 70%)
  • apply for your Remote Pilot Certificate which will cost $5
  • complete a TSA background check
  • retest every 24 months

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*Disclaimer:  This article is intended to be a general resource only and is not intended to be nor does it constitute legal or financial advice.  All of the costs given are estimates only based on costs at the time of this writing. Any recommendations are based on personal opinion only. 

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